Stan Parsons is widely respected and known for his vast knowledge of the Insurance market. Based on the demand for this level of expertise he founded Stan Parsons Insurance Services “SPIS” in 1995. Since then his firm has been serving the insurance industry by providing a wide range of support services. These services include, but are not limited to, rule, form and manual filings, product development, new company start up advisory services, regulatory relations, policy administration and insurance company operations advisory services. SPIS is unique in their history of achieving success with thousands of filings and developing hundreds of new products for their clients.

Stan’s insurance career started when he moved to Florida to help elect Bill Gunter as State Treasurer and Insurance Commissioner. Because of his professional expertise, Mr. Parsons was a key member of Bill Gunter’s political, legislative and management team and worked in numerous management positions throughout the Florida Department of Insurance.

After leaving the Florida Insurance Department, Stan’s insurance career greatly expanded. His roles have included serving as principal of a retail insurance agency. He also successfully managed judicial receiverships and rehabilitation of troubled insurance companies in multiple states and U.S. possessions. In addition, he has lobbied insurance issues at the State and Federal levels. Currently he maintains an active general line and surplus lines agent license.


Stan is married with two children; he enjoys family activities, traveling, cinema, as well as civic and cultural activities. He is also the Director and Treasurer of several non-profit service organizations. Mr. Parsons graduated from the University of Missouri with degrees in Urban Affairs and Economics.

Stanley Parsons
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